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I worked for Shine Studio to designed, filmed and animated both titles sequence and travel sequence for a great film, “Operation Finale.” I just want to share some equipment review.  We worked on similar main title sequence for another film called “The Domestics.” To make this one look different, we decided to use a slider.  We end up using  42 inch slider, “Motion” (remote controller for slider) and “Arc”(for pan movement) from Rhino.

Overall, Rhino products were very solid. Slider is made by carbon fiber so that it is very light and portable weight. Adding “Motion” in order to make slider automatic instead of manual  was very simple and easy.  Remote control interface was simple and easy to use. I was very impressed with the battery life. Once we charged the motion remote controller, we had never worried about it. Overall, very satisfied products.

However, after using the slider couple times, it didn’t slide smooth. We had serious problem because it glitches right in the middle of it. Unlike their advertisement, it cannot handles kinda heavy equipment, like Canon 5D Mark IV with Macro Lens which is the most used equipment for production. Just small glitch is very obviously with macro lens. So we end up using only half of the length which is 24 inch. It caused less problems. I don’t strongly recommend this slider. Maybe 24 inch one wouldn’t have this issue, but in my experience, I wasn’t good.


Here are pro and con about the products

  • The slider itself is lightweight, smooth rolling movement, and portable.
  • The “Motion,” which is a remote controller, is easy interface, user friendly functions, and very impressive long last battery life.
  • “Arc” is easy to pair and solid product.


However, these product has couple critical issue as slider.

  • First, it cannot even handle, Canon Mark IV with macro lens. So it cause the critical glitch while it moves.
  • Putting “Arc” which is kinda heavy equipment, it also cause the glitch movement
  • Unlike advertising, it doesn’t work that well when you put your camera looking down.
  • Even though it is portable, 42 inch one is too long to carry. Not able to fold.
  • Using “Motion,” the speed control is not consistency. For example,  when I speed it as 1, some times it is slow than 1 or faster than 1.

I would use 24 inch slider instead of 42 inch. However, I am not strongly recommend this equipment. Decent one but it could be better. That was the review of Rhino products.

Thanks for reading my post.