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Compadre Makes a Big Impression with Its Show Open for Power Slap

By April 8, 2023No Comments

Compadre executive creative director Curtis Doss and his team filmed onsite in Las Vegas with the competitors themselves

Creative marketing agency Compadre is making a big impression with its show open for Power Slap, the world’s leading regulated and sanctioned slap fighting promotion. To create this pre-show segment for live events, Compadre executive creative director Curtis Doss and his team filmed onsite in Las Vegas with the competitors themselves, crafting a 90-second opening sequence that contains all the anticipation, drama, and raw power of this wholly unique sporting experience. 

Compadre designed the show open with a modular structure, creating original content and a toolkit that provided Power Slap with the flexibility to build and swap out variables, such as archival Power Slap footage, as the lineup of featured competitors and fights changes per event. Curtis notes that Dana White and his team’s proven ability to build a globally recognised brand made them an ideal partner for Compadre.

“The client had a brand book in hand, but were otherwise quite open and receptive to our interpretation,” recalled Curtis. “It was clear that we were all on the same page, trying to capture this moment of mental intensity and the gladiator mindset. It was an incredibly collaborative process.”

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Though Compadre had access to a dozen of the Power Slap fighters, the main challenge was that the team was unable to film any footage of the competitors actually slapping each other. 
“Due to the rules surrounding the sport, these guys can’t slap each other when it’s not part of an officially-sanctioned match,” explained Curtis. “We realised we needed to tell the story of the anticipation and adrenaline building up to a face-off. Ultimately, you’re all alone up there with one opponent and one moment to strike.”
For the shoot, Compadre filmed at the same facility where the matches take place, but had no idea which specific fighters would be available on shoot day. With only one day to shoot, plus a pre-light day, the decision was made to make the segment less about a “single hero” and more about the competitors as a whole. 
The spot focuses on dramatic shots of the stage bathed in smoke and royal blue lighting, a signature colour of the Power Slap brand. Compadre also filmed the talcum dust used by the competitors to increase the dynamic nature of the spot. By placing the chalk on top of a loudspeaker and filming its movements, the team was able to recreate and capture the raw energy of the events.
The show open premiered at Power Slap 1 on March 11th and will be shown before all live events throughout the season.